But Lotus Notes is complimented with lots of productivity tools such as Sametime Instant Messaging. Lotus Notes started it all and continues to be a major player in the collaboration or social software space. They can recycle their water and reuse it rather than using fresh water. They can use water discharged from municipal sewage plants rather than clean water.

The bad news is that the applications already installed on your PC aren’t optimized for Kaveri’s full feature set (though AMD does claim legacy OpenCL benefits from HSA thanks to run time improvements). That’ll require ISVs to gradually introduce updated software.

The report also says the flu could cause between 30,000 and 90,000 deaths in the United States, concentrated among children and young adults, though not all CDC officials agree with this estimate. In contrast, the 30,000 to 40,000 annual deaths typically associated with seasonal flu in the United States occur mainly among people older than 65.


Good afternoon to everybody and before we go through all the details, let me give you a summary on how I see this quarter. I think it been a great start into the year.We are delivering a strong number of results here. In addition, they’ve been pushing DP and mini DP usage besides the HDMI and DVI outlets. All your old 600 series NVidia cards weren’t using DP.

My question to add to the discussion would be “how?” As far as I can tell, it an architecture exposing API. What Nvidia going to do, implement Radeons inside their Geforces? Emulate Radeon specific hardware in their software stack? Knowing AMD/ATI, I highly doubt they release full documentation for their hardware.

The two parties could sign a binding agreement once the DFS is completed, with NFC’s input, in 4Q14. We’ve assumed CAPEX will be $1.4bn, a 50% increase over Pre Feasibility estimates, to cover refinery construction in Greenland and a REO separation facility in China.

In this regard, a fee will be charged to cover the costs of providing such services. Volume I Trade by Country is compiled in the first half of the year to allow for an advanced release of an overview of international merchandise trade in the previous year and for a much earlier publication of the available country (area) data.